Tall Tuesday: Size 13

So often it is challenging to find chic shoes in larger sizes. During past Liketoknow.it sales, I had to do some research to find footwear available in size 13. I uncovered exactly four styles that were part of the sale and only after much digging. That just is not fair. Just because we are tall, does not mean we are not discerning when it comes to our footwear, am I right ladies? Though my foot is not nearly a size thirteen, in a show of solidarity with my tall sister and support shoe lines that offer up to that size.

Last autumn I discovered that Sarah Flint shoes offer up to size thirteen footwear. I was on a brand ambassador Zoom call with Sarah herself late last year. She recounted how she purchased a pair of Louboutins from her local consignment store for a special occasion. They were not uncomfortable to the point of kicking them off. Here she was with investment shoes that she did not want to wear through the night. Sarah found herself wondering why we invest money for pricey special occasion shoes, but not shoes that we wear everyday.

the investment

Sarah Flint shoes are pricier than most and for good reason. These are shoes designed for every day for every woman. They are are Italian-made, crafted by expert artisans. I reason purchasing a pair of Sarah Flint shoes by applying a cost per wear. Let’s take my leather Natalie flats that clock in at 365 dollars. Wearing them twice a week is a conservative estimate, which would bring in the total wears per year at 104, and the cost per wear at $3.50. If am frequently wearing these shoes, then investing more money is not a scary thought.

If comfort is a question, know that the shoes have three millimeters of cushion in the sole. Wearing them feels like walking on a cloud. Sizing-wise, I can only speak to the Natalie flats. Go up a half size in leather and suede versions of the Natalie and a whole size in the velvet versions.

the discount

Use code SARAHFLINT-BALU to save 50 dollars on full price styles. Below are the selection of footwear that is currently available up to size 13. After the jump, photos of Sarah Flint that have already been on the blog.

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