Sarah Flint Grear Fit Guide

This is the sandal I could not stop wearing last summer. I am a fan of these metallic numbers in particular for the same reason I love my Cartier watch and my David Yurman cuffs. They incorporate both silver and gold tones which doubles their potential for wear.

After two summers of wearing the metallic Sarah Flint Grear on repeat, I ordered a pair in the juiciest citrus shade.

the Sarah Flint grear fit

While I go up an entire size on full-footed Sarah Flint styles – the Natalie, the Emma, the Perfect Pump 85 – I stay to what I always considered to be my typical size in the Grear sandals. I went with a 10 in the gladiator-style sandal. The leather strap across the foot stretches and molds with wear. Ironically, while I had to retire my size 10 Natalie flats, the size 10 Grear fit perfectly.

Like the sales associate says on seminal aughts classic White Chicks: open toe and open heel equals an extra size!

the $60 Sarah Flint coupon code

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