Vintage Lilly Pulitzer Shift II

Back in spring 2019, I was obsessed with shopping the secondary market for vintage Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses. I had recently became disillusioned with buying new from the purveyor of preppy prints, as it had seemed that everyone on Instagram was wearing the same dress for Easter that year. The very reason I liked to wear the brand – to stand out – was apparently the same reason every other woman liked to wear the brand, thus everyone wearing the same exact frock and nobody standing out.

My move? Bring my business to eBay where I proceeded to stock up on vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses. I found this particular one, which was featured as one of the display pieces for the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collaboration. Obviously it was not for sale, nor was it reproduced, but it became iconic in my eyes. So much so, when I saw it available via eBay in my size, I jumped at the order.

I am still constantly on the lookout for good condition vintage Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses on eBay, particularly from the 1960s. I just love to share gems from the secondary market, especially if it not my size. Let’s be honest, I want all of the good vintage for myself.

Despite not wanting to twin with others, I actually would not mind doing so in clothes from over a half century ago. Sometimes a miracle occurs and I find another one of the vintage dresses I already own up for sale. When that happens, I just have to share and with that, I present the following two options.

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