Fewer + Better (142/365)

Loeffler Randall had a sale and I bought a pair of sandals that I have had my eye on for a minute. The Starla style reminds me of the Sarah Flint Grear, but with a bit more detail. Even though I am trying not to shop, my summer sandal-slash-shoe situation is a sole set of Havaiana flip flops. Though great, I need something a bit elevated. The Loeffler Randall Starla is ideal.

I also ordered two running skirts, a pair of shorts, a sleeveless top that I had to replace after it somehow became stained, and a sports bra. I anticipate wearing these in any number of combinations to pick up the Pamper Pirate from daycare in lieu of wearing running leggings in eighty degree heat. I need an alternative to work out tights for summer in the city.

Lastly, I bought another La Vie Style House caftan to wear to my husband’s cousin’s wedding this summer. After giving two other dresses a shot only to fall short, I am going with a tried and true classic.

The shoes arrived and they are perfect. I ordered a size eleven; they fit my post-pregnancy feet TTS. The leather strap across the top of the foot is a bit tight, but I am certain they will stretch out width-wise.

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