Training for 2024 (2)

Even though I just restarted running all of the Nike Run Club app guided runs starting at the shortest time and building from there, I still defer to my 13.1 playlist to get me across the finish line, however brief. I like to align the length or intensity of a song in my playlist with the guided run length of time or distance of run. When the run is especially abbreviated, ain’t no one got time for silent time in between songs.

Today I am sharing my half marathon playlist. At two and a half hours long, it is the perfect length for my half marathon pace. I like to put the playlist on shuffle and use during training runs so that I do not tire of any particular song. I always get a different listening experience. Conversely, it also gives me a chance to edit our any songs that I may have initially though I wanted to listen to while in motion, but have not found to be as motivating as I want or need.

0.48 mile // 5 minute unguided NRC run

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