Watching the Pot

In the paraphrased words of Jenna Lyons, take everyday as a chance to wear sequins. Making leftover Pasta Puttanesca? The perfect opportunity to break out sparkles and velvet loafers.

the loafers

Stubbs & Wootton loafers come with a steep price tag but I scored these numbers on a markdown. (The Pollock design is also available in black colorway in the loafer and mustard and peridot green color in the sneaker, all of which are less than half the original price.) Sizing-wise, I had to return the size 10.5 in exchange for a pair of size 11 loafers. I would typically chalk this up to my post Pamper Pirate pregnancy foot swell, but my husband had to return his for a half size larger as well.

Stubbs & Wootton customer service is top notch. They delivered my replacement shoes with lightning fast speed.

I already slipped and fell in the snow while wearing my Pollocks. I was relieved and impressed to see that the velvet loafer stood up to a Kazakhstan snow bank and later, my husband’s office, as I was bracing myself for blisters as I do for most beautiful shoes. Alas the loafers did not ail my feet in the slightest.

the dress

This dress was a late 2019 closet addition. It was during the end of my second trimester with the Pamper Pirate when holiday rolled around. I was absorbed with a particular project at work that was monopolizing my time. Nevertheless, I decided to attend my company’s holiday party upon my husband’s encouragement. It was a last minute, same day decision that had me putting the dress on hold over the phone at the Brooks Brothers outpost between my office and my apartment. As I had worked copious hours that week, I split around three that afternoon to try on and ultimately procure the dress, albeit in a smaller size.

The dress has a back zip and button closure. It has an overlay at the top resembling a shirt. I can wear this dress in my typical size while pregnant; take that as good authority to size down in it.

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