Tall Tuesday: Banana Republic

Banana Republic is so good right now. I always held it in high regard as it always felt like such a “grown up” brand. All of the luxe fabrics that we knew the heritage brand for in the 1990s are back. Gone are the polyester blends. Back is the cashmere, leather, and silk.

What’s better than the luxurious fabrics of the 90s? Styles that are available in tall. Tall silk shirtdresses and slipdresses reminiscent of the first season of Sex and the City style? Check!

Tall leather pants? Check!

Tall cashmere leggings? Check!

Tall wool wide leg pants? Check!

Cashmere scarves, socks, and homegoods? Check!

37 inch inseam denim? Check and checkout now!

This is the best of the rollout.


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