Tall Tuesday: Banana Republic II

I want to talk about Banana Republic. Sure it has been a mere six months since my last rave about the brand, but with the new season comes new picks. Cashmere, suede, silk, nary a poly blend in sight. Banana Republic truly has gone back to its heritage with the safari styles of yesteryear. I think founders Pat and Mel would be pleased with the return to form.

Before moving on, I want to touch on the couple’s memoir, Wild Company. Pat and Mel’s book chronicled the retailer from upstart to selling to Gap Inc and what ultimately made them walk away from the company and their brand. Actually, I think it is time for a re-read… I digress.

I do have a bone to pick with the brand, in that it no longer offers tall sweaters or outerwear. Banana Republic used to be the best accessible brand for providing everything necessary to round out the tall gal’s closet. Yes, even better than the J.Crew golden era, in that you could get a merino wool, cotton, linen, or cashmere sweater in tall sizing.

Conversely, Banana Republic is offering pants in more long lengths than ever. Yes, the brand also offers tall in shirts, pants, dresses, and skirts. Any one style is not available in both long length and tall sizes. What is the difference? I am so glad you asked. I had the same question so I tweeted @brcustserv for clarification in and less than an hour learned the difference. The inseam is the only measurement that changes as far as long length. On the other hand, all proportions are altered for the Banana Republic tall size range.

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