A Cottagecore Primer

Cottagecore is so hot right now. It is only natural that along with grandmillenial style as an interiors trend, that cottagecore is the corresponding wardrobe trend.

Like many trends, this one is cyclical. Remember when Laura Ashley took closets by storm in the 1980s? Yeah, me neither. Photographic evidence that the cottage ore look was the look of the latter 1980s:

I have done quite a bit of reseach and it is conclusive. The aesthetic of the British brand which I think of as an across-the-pond version of Lilly Pulitzer, has returned. Note the delicate floral prints, smocking, nap dresses and probably making DIY jam and canning their own vegetables. I am limiting my participation in cottage core to wardrobe choices.

First the ones I own and the receipts, and then the ones on my shopping list.

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