And Just Like That… I Bought…

With the anticipation of the impending premiere of And Just Like That…, I bought three pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Granted, I bought them under promotional prices. I admit, it is still rather excessive. While shopping, I spotted several styles that turned up on the original series.

Let’s kick this off with the style featured in Attack of the 5′-10″ Woman. Carrie showed off a pair of mules similar to the Maysale style to Charlotte while eating flourless chocolate cake and a fruit cup, respectively. In Carrie’s words, these shoes had a tall enough heel that it would put her at the same height as Natasha, if Natasha wore flats. “But why would she wear flats?”

Credit: HBO

Her pair were in a bright plaid colorway. I opted for the mint green. The buckle as featured on the Maysale mule also decorates assorted slingbacks and sandals.

The patent leather Mary Jane heels were a major plot point in A Vogue Idea. Carrie thought they were an urban shoe myth before running into a pair in the Vogue accessories closet. After getting really excited about the shoes, she ran into her married male boss in a pair of Versace briefs. Tres awkward. “Pants up, Freud!”

Credit: HBO

Obviously, we have to talk about the Hangisi heels. I bought the blue flat version and the yellow mule version of the iconic heel from the first movie. The exact heel height is just too extreme for me. Luckily, the Hangisi buckle detail that quite honestly makes the shoe so recognizable, comes on so many variations.

(I should remind you that I am returning the blue flats, as Bergdorf Goodman sent me the incorrect size, for shame.)

Credit: HBO

Lastly, I am including some basic slingbacks. These are quintessentially season one of the original series.

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