Year of Less (84/365)

Kendra Scott released a diamond tennis bracelet and I love it. It is quite expensive, but I would rather have the real thing over a cubic zirconia version. Other than my Year of Less, what keeps me from buying it is that it comes in two sizes and would absolutely want to try it on. Maybe when we visit the District later this year, I will visit the Kendra Scott Georgetown outpost to try it on. (Cut to it definitely happening.)

Though I am not into the costume jewelry, I love the Kendra Scott fine jewelry. I bought a few diamond trimmed rings and necklaces last autumn. The photos don’t do them justice; Kendra Scott fine jewelry wows in person.

Last week, I finally received the set of seven sticky socks I ordered back in January.

I originally bought a pair of sticky socks from the same brand back in 2017 when I was working out in preparation of my wedding. When I started shopping for another pair, I Googled the phrase on the sole of the socks to retrace the brand, and bingo! The brand is Sticky Be and I am happy to report that the quality is as great as ever. Not only did I find the brand, but through the online retailer Simply Workout, I found a Sticky Be gift box of socks.

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