Tall Tuesday: Size 12 Manolos

I learned the hard way that my typical shoe size does not carry over to Manolo Blahnik. Rather than my typical size ten, I have to go up at least two sizes, as size eleven does not accommodate my post-partum foot spreading. Pregnancy really does a number on your shoe size.

Manolo Blahnik does not offer the full footwear range up to a size twelve. The styles are few and far between. I will say that the iconic styles, such as the Mary Jane Pumps, Maysale, Mid-Heel Slingback, and Hangisi, are available. I would never spend so much on a pair of shoes that are tied to any one specific season though, so the availability of classic styles are fine by me. Check out the available styles in size twelve below.

I have my eye on the nude Mary Jane Pump, the urban shoe myth, per Carrie Bradshaw and the pinstripe Maysale Mule. Classic.

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