Gap Commercial Tribute Post

It does not get better than vintage Gap commercials from the latter half of the 1990s. Musicians (hello, Lena Horne, Aerosmith, Luscious Jackson, LL Cool J, Junior Brown, Missy Elliot) kicked off the television spots, which lead to a series of commercials that premierd during the Oscars featuring khakis through different lens of musical genre (soul, rock, country, swing, 60’s-esque), which then lead to some of the most iconic commercials forever engrained in popular culture.

Though the most notable commercials commenced circa 1995, it was not until the back-to-school season of my sophomore year in high school that I started to take note. The Everyone In… campaign directly influenced my back to school wardrobe then, and beyond. Gap commercials reached an apex in the three part West Side Story campaign for the colored jeans and neutral khakis. It features the Jeans dancing to America and the Khakis dancing to Cool and a dance off from both gangs to Mambo! There is even a behind the scenes feature on YouTube.

From the holiday commercials, to the khaki-centric commercials, to the West Side Story commercials, the choreography was king. I attended dance classes at least three afternoons a week up until my junior year in high school. I recall so clearly how obsessed every girl in my dance classes was with the commercials and in turn, the choreography. I still am obsessed.

Below are all of the {non-holiday} commercials I could find:

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