Schumacher x Lake PJs

The Pamper Pirate and I have entered our matching pajamas phase of life. This will only last until he starts having a say in his wardrobe choices.

the Schumacher x Lake Pajamas

Matching pajamas was inevitable for us; we have done it before, but only during holiday.

Full candor: I have never been particularly impressed with Lake Pajamas. The colorways are okay. I have never really seen them styled in a way that looks particularly compelling, not that pajamas should be styled. Perhaps I am too harsh.

Frequently, I will give an item that is not necessarily my style a second look, if it comes in long length. Select Lake Pajamas colorways are available in long; however the long length pant inseam is a mere 32 inches. I, and most gals who consider themselves tall, need at least a 35 inch inseam for a pajama pant.

Everything I thought I knew about Lake Pajamas was turned on it’s head when I saw the styles from the Schumacher collection. A deconstructed stripe? In a short set (rendering a long length moot)? With a matching mini-me version? On sale? Sign me up!

I am wearing a size extra large in the pajamas. The soft Pima cotton makes me nervous about shrinking. As such, I am washing our pajamas together in cold water, delicate cycle, flat dry on a rack. Time will tell whether I eventually cease being too precious about the care.

my pajamas: Lake x Schumacher • Pamper Pirate pajamas: Lake x Schumacher • necklace: Maya Brenner via BaubleBar

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