Tall Tuesday: Herringbone

Have you ever seen a yummier tweed type than herringbond? Amongst houndstooth and wolfstooth and puppytooth, Prince of Wales plaid, and barleycorn tweeds, herringbone stands out as my favorite.

A brief primer on my favorite tweed: ā€œHerringbone is so named because it looks like fish bones. The direction of the slant alternates column by column to create ā€˜vā€™ shapes. The pattern is quite pleasing to the eye.ā€

Herringbone is coming in hot (haute?) this autumn. Naturally, I had to round up all of the herringbone pieces I could find available in tall. While autumn in Kazakhstan goes from summer to snow necessitating a Canada Goose, I still like to think I could order herringbone fitted for the tall frame.

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