Year of Less (337/365)

For myself, I shopped for half marathon training clothing only, to be shipped directly to the east coast for when I return in 2023.

For my husband, he loved the Banana Republic Factory Store moleskin trouser so much that he asked for the other colorways (dark gray, hunter green) should they go on sale. When I first checked, they were out of stock. A restock a few days later and I ordered them and a work shirt with suede elbow patches to be delivered to the east coast for our stateside return.

I received four parcels this week.

One of the two Toteme sweaters as purchased from Matchesfashion went back. I thought I ordered a camel sweater with black stripes, which would be classic. Rather the colorway was camel with brown stripes, which is just one too many shades of brown in one piece for my liking. I also returned the pink House of Aama silk skirt. It was not that I did not love the skirt; I would just have to take it to a tailor for adjustments. At the price point I paid, I expect a better fit. Will keep it in mind if it ever goes on deep markdown.

I love the Marysia reversible tank suit. The seashell print is just beautiful and I love the seafoam green shade on the flipside.

I ordered two pairs of (faded, by design) black Banana Republic Factory Store low rise bootcut denim, one in a 30 tall and one in a 31 tall. I am returning the larger size. I think it is going to be a bit of a re-adjustment to get used to low rise denim but as a kid who came of age in 2001, I welcome the challenge! Other winners from that order include the two pairs of pants I ordered for my husband. He liked the work pants, but he was especially happy with the dressier moleskin trouser hence ordering it in the two other colorways.

I am keeping the black with cream stripe Toteme sweater. It was closer to what I wished for, as far as color schemes go. I will keep an eye out for the inverse colorway, albeit for a markdown price. As a mom of a toddler, I knew the black background sweater would be a less risky choice. Along with my new black Banana Republic Factory Store low rise bootcut denim and checkered Vans worn with cashmere socks, I have big plans to wear it on my flight out of Astana to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Dulles.

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