Training for 13.1 (2)

I experienced a breakthrough this week, on the treadmill, no less. I usually dislike the Nike Run Club treadmill guided runs. I having been trying to do one per week, but I do not necessarily enjoy them. I think it has to do with how easily it is to feel optimistic or want to abide exactly by the directions of the coach, and consequently begin to feel out of control. However this past week, I gave the Treadhills guided run a go.

I loved it.

I know exactly why. The coach, Manal Rostom, shares the paces and the incline at the very beginning of the run. She is not vague about it; she shares specifics. Though she doesn’t mention that the intervals will be repeated a second and third time, the length of the run being 24 minutes (versus a two minute 10k pace + one minute recovery + one minute 5k pace + one minute recovery + thirty second mile pace + one minute recovery for a total of six and a half minutes) gives the clue that the routine repeats.

Running, in addition to being a physical activity, is equally mental. Being able to wrap one’s mind around the workout at the beginning and understand what is being asked of one’s body, facilitates getting the body across the finish line. Pun intended.

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