Multicolored Mornings

If wearing a rainbow is wrong, then we don’t want to be right!

the gap snoopy pajamas

The Pamper Pirate just loves a graphic print with any of the Peanuts gang, but especially Snoopy. That is likely in small part to me pushing old Peanuts Classics and new The Snoopy Show episodes for family viewing. It taps into some nostalgia that I used to get from seeing the MetLife Snoopy float during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It just feels so special to be able to share a love for the same cartoon with my son.

the rowing blazers pajamas

This is not the first time these pajamas have shown up on the blog, but it is the first time we have seen these match-ish with the Pamper Pirate!

Size-wise these pajamas are extra large. They fit more like a medium, if you run your clothing through the dryer, or a large, if you line dry your clothes. The woven fabric is static, no stretch at all. All this is to say is that the set runs small and I would assume would be the case with all Rowing Blazers pajamas.

his pajamas: Gap • my pajamas: Rowing Blazers

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