Cargo Pants, Two Ways

I finally took the plunge on Abercrombie & Fitch tall and long sizing; I gave the cargo pants a shot. I bought them not so long ago and since then, have taken them on several test drives. I can confirm that these are a solid pair of pants.

Experimenting with a Spring Capsule Wardrobe has made me more cognizant of mixing up what I have in my closet in effort of coming up with more interesting combinations. Today’s post was inspired by how many women dressed up the 2000s Cargo Pant back in the 2000s versus how I wore the same type of pant back then, which was much less elevated. It is a look not so far from what I wore to class and going out.

About the pants: the fly does tend to fall down. I found that I can counter this by pulling the fabric tab on the zipper up between the button and the zipper itself. There is also an internal drawstring. Length-wise, they are shorter than I hoped but on the upside, they do not drag on the ground in sandals or flip flops.

I am wearing a size 31 long in the Abercrombie & Fitch 2000s Cargo Pant.

Going Out Top much? Yes, the dressy top is officially back. I had a friend who back in the day called the cheap ones One Hit Wonders due to their single use, but I deferred to the pricier versions that would stand the test of time back then, even if that cost me more money. This silk – not some poly bastardization blend mind you – Banana Republic version is something that I would have been drawn to as a twentysomething, as much as I am now.

I like wearing it with the cargo pants because it is just such an unexpected combination. While I wore this combination to brunch, I would also elevate it with a pair of metallic low block heel sandals, not unlike these, and wear it to dinner.

I am wearing a size medium tall. The bias cut of the shirt runs the risk of riding up due to the way the fabric is cut on the 45 degree angle; therefore the tall size range is required for those topping six feet.

The lace trim camisole and cargo combination is something that I definitely would have worn in the early 2000s, had the pants only been available in tall. Twenty years later and I am embracing the ensemble that I would have otherwise worn to class or to work or to rage. (Yes, I used to rage. Parents: They are just like us!) It is such an easy outfit, why wouldn’t I wear it?

While the tank top is not available in tall size range, the style does not necessitate it. It runs long and as there are no sleeves, no problem. Wear it with cargos, denim, corduroys, or shorts variation of any of the above.

I am wearing this tank in a size extra large, but I could have gone down to a large for a better fit.

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