Keith Haring Appreciation Post

When one thinks about pop art and the artists who practice it, the first person who comes to mind is undoubtedly Andy Warhol. After Andy, Keith Haring is the word, even if you don’t connect the name to the artwork. Haring elevated graffiti art. His style has very specific codes that scream his name.

Keith Haring’s art is emblematic of a specific time but as of recently, his work has been licensed to several apparel companies and as such, we can now wear it. Since then, I have started to collect these wearable pieces of art. My favorite move is to wear one of the shirts in the largest size I can get, preferably in the tallest size available, over a pair of basic black leggings, a la 1991. I am not lying when I say that someone always stops and either compliments the piece or engages in a conversation about the artist, about which I am always thrilled to talk.

Because I love wearing a conversation starter, I am constantly on the lookout for more Keith Haring graphic prints. I rounded up some of my favorites below. After the jump, Keith Haring spotted in the wild.

Van Leeuwen x Keith Haring

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