Target Designer Dresses

Last night while scrolling through Twitter, I encountered the press release that Target is teaming up with Loveshackfancy, along with Lisa Marie Fernandez and Cushnie, in a limited edition dress collection. Mark your calendars for this Saturday, June 3, release time to be 3 am EST.

I was shocked that this collaboration was announced back on May 18, and I did not read about it until the wee hours of May 28. Granted that we are in the middle of a national health crisis and my mind has been elsewhere, but an entire ten days had passed before this collaboration landed on my radar. Mind you, I predicted the Lilly Pulitzer would be the brand back in 2015 based upon the typeface Target used to tease a then-unknown collaboration. (Cut to the Lillyverse losing their collective minds – in both a negative and positive manner – upon that fateful announcement.)

I digress.

The announcement seemingly came out of nowhere, and perhaps a collaboration could not have been timed better than during a pandemic. For Target, working with these brands adds cache to the company. Conversely, for the brand, there is nothing like the recognition that a collaboration with Target can bring. (Again, see Lilly Pulitzer and going even farther back, Missoni.) I once read that the quantitative benefits (aka dolla dolla bills) to a collaboration are not necessarily the main draw; in fact it is the qualitative intangible benefits to the brand that is most covetable. A Target collaboration for three brands that are not quite household names (yet, anyway) is a good way to introduce them to the Target customer.

The customer wins because not only is the price right, but the size is right as well. While I cannot speak to the other two brands, Loveshackfancy is notorious for not being size inclusive for the standard line as it only goes up to a size ten, and a contemporary-fitting size ten at that. Rejoice, because the Target collaboration across the board goes up to size 3X. Here is hoping that the dresses will be flattering for a taller frame. Fingers crossed.

While the Cushnie collection is too modern for me, there are several other styles I will be hunting for {online} come this Saturday, June 6:


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