Year of Less (35/365)

I successfully resisted shopping the Tuckernuck online sample sale this week. The selection was so good, probably why it ended up being a digital cluster eff. In the words of Kate the Wasp, judging from comments under the most recent Instagram post, the white women were not pleased. Rather than sharing what I was eyeing, these are the pieces available via Tuckernuck that I have, love, and then found on sale for much cheaper than what I paid for them.

I did, however, buy a set of seven grip socks. I like to wear these when I work out in the apartment. Especially when doing lunges, wall sits, or squats with the Pamper Pirate in tow, I need to wear something with more traction than standard socks but I hate the idea of wearing sneakers in the house. I have one pair of this brand of grip socks and they have proved to be an essential.

Now for everything that I bought and liked and bought and returned:

I love the suede blazer and safari short suit from Banana Republic. It feels like a flashback to the original era, as ran by Pat and Mel.

So. Many. Returns. I am returning the off-white corduroy pants, suede pants, cashmere joggers, matching hoodie, and cashmere leggings from Banana Republic. Though super luxe, I realized cashmere pants were probably not so practical for a mom of a toddler. While I loved the corduroy pants and they ran long, the shade of off-white was ever-so-slightly transparent. Unfortunately the orca (charcoal grey) shade of the same corduroys ran small and I did not keep those either. The suede pants aren’t practical either but it came down to the fit for those. I ordered the same size for the suede pants, as the shorts and blazer above. The inseam was 37 inches, as advertised, but I would have needed to go up a size to accommodate my midsection. I am giving myself permission to buy them in the right size if they ever eventually go on sale.

My major gripe was that Banana Republic tried to not allow my return as it was beyond the 45 day return window from their shipment date. Yes, even though the Narvar tracking interface indicated that the parcels were delivered just last week, outside of Banana Republic’s very own return window. Luckily the customer service associate via the online chat was able to override this, even though the customer service Twitter declined to assist. Rude.


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