Year of Less (42/365)

I was tempted by marked down Bea Bongiasca. However, I am working on slimming down my still-puffy fingers. I want my ring finger to fit my engagement ring again before buying more rings and other jewelry, for that matter.

As I mentioned in a past blog post, Bea Bongiasca works with semi precious stones and enamel. The bright and bold pops of color next to my birthstone, peridot, just works and makes the acid shade of green actually palatable. I loved it so much that I finally jumped into wearing birthstone jewelry. I chose this ring and a pair of matching enamel earrings before the end of 2021. Now that we are into 2022, I am tempted by the marked down pieces. Alas, no shopping.

I have not gotten a lot of mail this week. My new tie dye headband from the Stoney Clover x Lele Sadoughi collaboration arrived, along with my new black vachetta leather Natalie flats from Sarah Flint. Both were winners. Welcome to the closet, ladies.

Nothing to send back because I have not received any other parcels. At this moment, I am still waiting on a suede dress, a quilt for the bedroom, several pieces of office accessories, a backpack and balaclava for the Pamper Pirate, Valentine’s gift for my husband, a Sephora order of First Aid moisturizer, the set of barre socks that I ordered last week, amongst Amazon subscription orders.

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