Tall Tuesday: BR Summer ’22

In a move surprising to…me actually, Banana Republic continues to hit it out of the park. If this summer is any indication, the past year has not actually been a succession of one hit wonders. Collections have forgone the polyester of the years past. (Years chasing after the J.Crew / Jenna Lyons look if you ask me.) Instead, these days they are embracing both the heritage / safari / utility look of the 80’s and the modern luxe looks of the 90’s. I am here for it and I have a sneaky suspicion that Mel and Pat would feel the same, at least for the former. #iykyk

I relatively recently broken down how good the 80’s safari and utilitarian looks are in past blog posts and touched on some cinematic inspiration for one of their matching sets. No need to beat a dead horse, right?

We have to address the modern luxe side of Banana Republic. In the past year, this has included joggers and leggings made of cashmere, suiting in wool, and pants constructed out of leather and suede. Banana Republic continues the streak this summer.

Two items have been living rent-free in mind. The first is the oversized button-up shirt in the yellow and white stripe. I have been craving a button up in a butter yellow hue for the longest time. This style and stripe coming in a tall size option earned a place in a bookmark for sale stalking.

The second item, or really, item type is the Belay shirt, minidress, and maxi dress. All three from silk. An alternate universe would have it mimicking seasons past in polyester, alas not the universe we live in! All three style options are available in tall size range. The style is cut on the bias, which unfortunately I suspect will not work on my body type. But it is still a beautiful style coming in the most stunning of blue hues and prints.

Also not to be missed: outerwear in tall size range from the Factory line, wool suiting in peony pink, and Aureus + Argent jewelry.

Giraffes rejoice!


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