Training for 13.1 (16)

Over two weeks ago during my 15k run, I had a weather (and dressing for a run in it) epiphany. I obviously prepare my body with rest and the right foods to help aid me through runs and especially the longer ones, though that threshold has increased over the past sixteen months. Dressing for conditions is another way I can contribute to a more enjoyable run.

While in KZ, during the fall before snow started sticking, the Pamper Pirate’s nanny was my running wardrobe advisor. She would tell me to add a hat, subtract a vest, etc, and she was always right! These days, not having her input in addition to trying to find a route through the city that would hit the mileage has been posing challenges.

Allow me to backup. Philadelphia, and I am excluding west Philly a la Will Smith and anything north of Brown, is about two miles across. A long run constitutes several laps from Front Street to Fitler Square. Maybe a jaunt up to Northern Liberties with a return down Christopher Columbus depositing back into Society Hill. I inevitably end up at Schuylkill Park.

Rather than run across the city again, I ran toward Boathouse Row and then continued along Kelly Drive before turning around and retracing for my final two miles during the aforementioned 15k. A trail out and back, preluded by five miles on the streets.

Here is where the challenging weather kicked in: I was wearing a long sleeve tech shirt under a puffer vest and full length running leggings. I was burning up during my miles in the city. I considered ducking into our building and leaving my vest with the front desk. Had it not been holding my keys and phone, which powered my music, I would have. As I made my Kelly Drive out and back, the perceived weather wildly turned. Whereas I was formerly toasty, I was now freezing. The wind coming off the water made the run feel a solid ten to fifteen degrees colder.

All this is to say: Pick a lane. City running or river running, and dress for it.

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