Training for 13.1 (18)

During my eleven mile training run two weeks ago, somewhere between mile eight and mile nine it became painfully apparent that I reached the running mileage that requires mid-run refueling. After I wrapped that run, I opened the Amazon app and ordered a box of Gu.

It is crucial to integrate Gus or other mid-run refueling option during training, so that your body can either get used to them or you can find a different option should plan A not be optimum for your body. It is better to test drive a refueling option during a training run, rather than a race. I have read horror stories about runners who took an energy gel for the first time day-of, only to have digestive activity wreak havoc for the remaining eight miles or so.

I used Gu Energy Gels for the two half marathons I ran, in 2012 and 2013, and they worked for me. Back then peanut butter was my flavor of choice. This round I ordered salted watermelon which reminded me of a watermelon Jolly Rancher childhood. I will be taking one with me for every run beyond five miles and a second one for every run beyond ten miles. I can speak to the Gu help hyping the latter half of last week’s eight miler, and as such, I will be packing.

An update: I already broke no alcohol April with one glass of sangria Friday night.

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