Stubbs & Wootton Fit Guide

Stubbs & Wootton footwear comes with a steep price tag and a strict return policy. Order accordingly.

about the Stubbs & Wootton return policy

Before making any Stubbs & Wootton purchase, the website makes the ordered check a box acknowledging the return policy. It is as follows:

In the event that you are unhappy with your purchase from either or our retail showrooms, we will accept a return within 30 days of purchase as an exchange or in the form of a store credit. No credit card or cash refunds.… Any Sale items, Custom orders (Bespoke), and Made to Order merchandise are not returnable or exchangeable.

So shall we get your size right on the first order?

how to select the correct Stubbs & Wootton size

Perhaps it is because my pregnancy foot swelling never returned to pre-pregnancy size of ten, but I found it necessary to go up an entire size in the Stubbs & Wootton loafers. While I have consistently had to go up in shoe size since the arrival of the Pamper Pirate, my husband also had to size up in his Stubbs & Wootton loafers from a size ten and a half to an eleven.

Because they are made of fine fabrics, the loafers will not stretch width wise, in the manner that leather and suede shoes do. I think this goes without saying but as no shoes do, the loafers will not stretch length wise.

This is all to say that the shoes run small. Enter into a final sale with caution and only after confirming your size on a less risky, exchangeable, full price style. Keep scrolling for a discount code to make a full price style easier to swallow.

the 20% off Stubbs & Wootton coupon code

Stubbs & Wootton loafers do not come cheap. Luckily, the internet is littered with a plethora of influencer codes for the purveyor of fine footwear.

While FRIENDSOFSTACIE still works on most styles, the code does not work on for the Assouline collaboration. Cut to me discovering Krista Robertson’s Covering the Bases blog and her code for twenty percent off, COVERINGTHEBASES. This code from a post dated from 2019, still works and is comprehensive of most collections, including the Assouline collaboration!

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